With the recent sale of a vintage Patek Philippe 1518 in steel, for over $11 million – which is the highest a wristwatch has ever sold for at auction – it makes you wonder how someone could pay a million, let alone over ten million, for a new watch. Especially considering it will only lose value over time.

Perhaps the answer is that the person is a billionaire that has so much money it doesn’t matter what they buy and how much value it retains or loses.

And that, is surely the idea behind the one-off Billionaire watch that Jacob & Co created in 2015. At $18 million, Chopard and Graff have offered more expensive diamond-studded watches in the past, at $26 and $40 million, respectively.

But with a total of 260 carats of flawless emerald-cut diamonds, set on a white gold watch case that measures whopping 58 mm x 47.5 mm, the Billionaire watch (Ref. BL100.30.BD.AB.A30BA) may take the title for the most ostentatious watch ever made.

Jason Pitsch
Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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