Yesterday, we sat down with TAG Heuer SA Vice President Guy Sémon, to discuss the brand’s high tech watchmaking efforts. Specifically, we discussed the brand’s highly complicated dual architecture timepieces: the Mikrograph, the Mikrotimer, the Mikrogirder and the Mikrotourbillon S.

These cutting-edge ultra-high frequency timepieces act as a halo for the brand, they show off the technical prowess of TAG Heuer. But, Sémon was careful to mention that all of these efforts — although important for their image — are ultimately designed with the goal of being used in regular timepieces. With the idea that accuracy (or chronometry – the advancement of watchmaking) is what is most important. If you haven’t yet seen what a 5/10,000th of second chronograph hands looks like as it sweeps around the dial 20 times per second. The watch is mechanical, yet it operates at a speed that is almost unfathomable, and it sounds like an electronic motor, which is to say: silky smooth.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum introduced in 2010

Apart from Montblanc with their Bi-Frequence 1000, there is nobody else doing anything like this.

That said, TAG Heuer is not stopping there. This Spring in Basel, they will introduce two more high-freuency timepieces that are a culmination of everything they know.

One piece will be a concept watch with both double pendulums (magnetic pendulums that is) and double magnetic tourbillons. No hairsprings required. The other piece, a timepiece that is expected to be ready for commercial sale by September of this year, is the Carrera Mikrograph Pendulum. It will feature a magnetic pendulum regulator system for both the timekeeping and chronograph (sans the hairsprings, but with the same accuracy as a hairspring equipped movement). Initially it wasn’t possible for TAG to create the a Pendulum movement as accurate as a spring equipped movement, but now — thanks to a new temperature stabilized material that TAG Heuer has developed — they have.

Editor’s Note: At this point, while we do know more of the technical details, this is all that we can communicate for now. Stay tuned for live coverage from Baselworld.

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