From watches made of cheese to those that are not even wristwatches to Instagram influencers who have nothing to do with the product being sold. The communication about and marketing of watches are at an all-time low point.

Alec Monopoly is a metaphor for what’s wrong with watch marketing. And since we are talking about games, they don’t belong on watches. Yet Hautlence produced one last year (pictured top), and another this year. They’re not even watches!

General Motors no longer sells Pontiac or Saturn (or Hummer or Saab), and there is a good reason for that, and a better lesson to be learned: you cannot be everything to everyone. GM lost focus, and that I believe is what’s happening at many watch companies, particularly the ones struggling to survive.

One company that is maybe feeling it the most, Richemont, should go the route of GM and sell or shutter at least one of their brands. At a minimum, they should drop Baume & Mercier. Yep, drop the Baume.

Montblanc is a much better-known brand competing at many of the same price points and crucially already has a worldwide retail infrastructure in place. Take all the resources from Baume & Mercier and reallocate them to Montblanc and make the group stronger. You know, like Sansa said, “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Jason Pitsch
Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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