Last week, Omega unveiled this limited edition watch they call the First Omega Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition.

The press release states “In 1913, OMEGA produced its very first (and possibly the world’s first) wrist-chronograph.” They are not even sure if it’s the world’s first. As often is the case, the history of the Swiss watch industry is murky, which makes us wonder why they don’t just call it a watch built from existing parts dating to early 1900s that have been refurbished to like-new condition, instead of making such lofty, unverified claims.

When the press release or coverage on watch publications elicits an automatic eye roll, it really makes you wonder who thinks this stuff up. Can Swiss watch companies (in general) just introduce a watch without so much fluff? Retail is approximately $120,000, by the way.

Jason Pitsch
Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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