The inevitable roll-out of official online sales by luxury watchmakers continues.

Just last Monday, likely in anticipation of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire weekend of condensed online selling, Omega announced their intentions to move into E-Commerce (exclusively in the United States at launch).

Tourneau had actually made the announcement that they were selling Omega watches online a few days before. In addition to Tourneau, at least one other retailer, Manfredi Jewels, in Connecticut, already has Omega watches available for direct purchase online. And all authorized Omega retailers in the US are now allowed to sell online at their discretion.

This is very similar to what TAG Heuer has already been doing for years – that is selling on their own site plus allowing authorized retailers to choose if they want to also sell online.

With giants such as TAG Heuer and Omega, and so many other companies following suit, pretty soon it will be hard to be a watch brand or authorized retailer and not offer online purchasing as an option. Being “on the fence” just won’t cut it anymore. It will be – and in many ways already is – part of the business just as it is in almost every other product category.

Jason Pitsch
Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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