Last week, I visited the New York City Breguet boutique, in Manhattan. The Breguet boutique is located adjacent to the Blancpain boutique, on Madison Avenue, in-between 66th and 67th Street. Breguet is the flagship brand within the Swatch Group, so it is always a treat to see what they have to offer. While there I photographed three timepieces.

The Breguet Marine Chronograph Rose Gold, the Breguet Tradition 7037BA and the Breguet Classique 5177BA. The Tradition has a great three-dimensional design. Everything is sitting out in the open, on the dial and backside. Aside from the 3D design, the coolest feature is the retrograde seconds. Retrograde seconds are displayed at 10 o’clock, every 60 seconds when the small blue hand reaches the top of the display, it then quickly drops back to zero and starts again.

The Classique features Breguet’s classic styling and numerous high-end finishing techniques. One thing that I thought was cool, and never really noticed, is the signatures that Breguet micro engraves on some of its watches. On the Classique (pictured above), for example, you can see the signature Breguet logo is engraved on the dial. This is done as an added security, to help distinguish between real and fake Breguet watches.

The Marine Chronograph is my favorite, of the Breguet watches I viewed in New York. It is simple, sporty and features a chronograph. The natural rubber strap is buttery soft, and is very comfortable, even with the heavy Rose Gold case. And the gold wave finishing on the rotor looks great.

Breguet Marine Chronograph in Rose Gold ($28,550.00), Breguet Classique 5177BA ($20,650), Breguet Tradition 7037BA ($32,850.00), Breguet Classique 5177B

Jason Pitsch
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