To protect your timepiece(s) while you travel, especially when you are carrying more than one, it is always best to use a protective watch case. They come in a variety of shapes (pouch, roll, box), sizes (single, double and multi-watch) and materials (suedes, leathers, textiles, woods, plastics, metals).

For this article, we cover the *wornandwound 2 Watch Fold* (shown in Waxed Tan), that works great regardless of whether you are traveling to a local meetup or on an out of town trip.

Built with the same styling as their Watch Rolls, the 2 Fold out is made of 18oz waxed filter twill canvas, with an ultra suede lining, heavyweight Italian leather for the binding and strap, and a layer of padding. And best of all, they are manufactured in New York City.

Since receiving my 2 Watch Fold a month ago, I have already used it to carry watches around NYC and have been very pleased. Crucially, I like that it is sleek enough to fit in a sport coat or jean pocket, without bulging out too much.

It comes in just as handy when going on a trip.

Going through airport security is a daunting process where they typically ask you to remove your shoes, belt, laptop, liquids (and sometimes your watch). And while I have gone through a number of times without removing my watch, all it takes is one overbearing TSA agent telling you to take it off and put it in the bin for it to get mishandled, and scratched. Or in the worst case scenario, stolen or lost. To prevent this unnecessary stress, I place the one or two watches I am traveling with in the 2 Fold Watch case, and then inside my carry-on bag, right before I go through security. Problem solved.

Furthermore, if you are like me, and do not want to accidentally scratch your watch on the airplane armrest, for example, this case is the perfect solution.

In summary, if you travel with a nice timepiece, it is best to always travel with a watch case.
The Watch Fold measures 12″ long when open or 6″ long when folded by 2.6″ wide. The retail price is $79.

Jason Pitsch
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