Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones expensive but they are also one of the most comfortable and best-performing pairs of wireless headphones on the market. $349

The Watch Roll by Discommon is crafted from a unique mixture of textile and leather and has superior protection for your watches so they don’t get scratched or damaged while travelling. $310

The Tambour All Black Table Clock GMT is pricey but its Louis Vuitton and has two time zones. $1180

Glenkichie Distillers Edition is an excellent whisky that is reminiscent of Yamazaki but without as high of a price. $70

Amazon Prime is a great gift that includes expedited shipping on many items from Amazon, plus access to free streaming music, and a huge network of television shows and movies. $99

The Bergeon 8111 is virtually the same as the legendary 6111 watch strap removal tool but with a slightly different grip and a lower price. $32

After wearing a Cashmere Hat you will never go back to wool. The comfort and feel is just so much better. $59

The Nespresso Pixie is one of the best capsule espresso machines on the market and is made in Switzerland. $160

Whisky Glasses are a great gift idea as watches and whisky often go together and they are quite affordable. $20+

The Switchboard Coat Rack has the type of overengineered design that is sure to please a watch lover. $65

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason Pitsch is the Founder of Professional Watches. He appreciates good craftsmanship in everything from architecture to automobiles to cameras to clothing. Yet his focus for the past decade has remained consistent on covering just one type: watchmaking.