Patek Philippe’s new three-hand Calatrava Pilot Ref. 5522 is garnering more buzz than any watch release the Swiss watchmaker has made since the original Calatrava Pilot 5524 in 2015. And while that watch was received with mixed reviews – yet is still on back order according to the company’s US Press Manager – this release has been met with much more positive feedback.

1936 Patek Philippe (Ref. P0844) 56 mm oversize hour angle aviator wristwatch (siderometer)

Why? It’s more simplistic, with just three-hands and no date function, which purists love. It’s in stainless steel. It costs less than half the price of the 5524. And of course, most importantly, it’s downright gorgeous in the metal.

As you can see in the photos, at one angle the dial is a dark smooth blue (top), and at another angle (below) you can see the grainy texture of the dark blue dial. It looks awesome! And while the 5524 got the Calatrava Pilot watch hype started, I predict the 5522 is will ultimately take that a step further and become a staple of the brand.

Jason Pitsch
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