This summer, in early June, I took a trip to Denver to relax a little, visit some friends, and to ride at Winterpark (Trestle Bike Park) which had just opened as most of the snow had melted at the time.

I brought a Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Khaki with plans to take it biking and to photograph it with the natural scenery, as the Rocky mountains are beautiful in the summer.

With a good amount of biking experience, including some downhill mountain biking, I am definitely not a beginner but far from able to fully rip the pro trails. I planned to wear the Mudmaster in its natural habitat, so to speak, along with the gloves, pads, special shoes, goggles, and full face helmet. But I wanted to go for a few runs first, then put the watch on later for the photographs.

Unfortunately, things did not go exactly as planned, as is often the case in life. Prior to this, I had never had a significant downhill wreck. That day was my first, and I ultimately ended up wrecking three times, the last being the worst, a high-side wreck (over the handle bars). On all three, I think I caught my wheel in a cross trail water channel or small ditch, and if you catch wrong at high speed it can throw you off, which is likely what happened. Thankfully I was wearing so much protective gear because literally, every single piece ended up being used.

Needless to say, I was a bit rattled, and so I never did get to bring the Mudmaster out in the mud, even though I was covered in it, and it surely would have survived but taken quite a beating, as I did. It’s unfortunate, as that would have been too perfect. However, I did still manage to make this gallery of photographs, which I hope you enjoy!
The watch shown is a Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Mudmaster Twin Sensor Khaki Strap 56 mm (Ref. GG1000-1A5) that retails for $320. It features a shock and mud resistance as well as a digital compass with bearing memory, thermometer, auto LED light, world time, 4 daily alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24 hour format, and is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Thanks to Mojo Wheels and Altitude Bicycles for assisting with the biking gear.

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