Professional Watches produces premium original content in-house for sections such as Reviews (100% in-house), Field Reports (100% in-house), Films (100% in-house), and our Watchmaking section also has a high level of original content. The talented four-person team that makes this a reality is listed below.


Brett K. is an orthodontist by day, watch collector 24/7, 💯 handheld photography. He favors Nikon cameras and vintage watches.

His content archive can be viewed here.

IG: @kicktoc


Luke Rosen is a filmmaker and film photographer, living in the East Village of NYC. When he’s not on set producing videos and films, he’s out shooting old school medium format film with his Rolleiflex.

IG: @lukemarcusrosen

His content archive can be viewed here.


Jordan P. Ficklin is a CW21 certified watchmaker of the 21st century. He graduated from the Lititz Watch Technicum with a WOSTEP diploma in 2006. He is a co-owner of the Cincinnati Watch Co, designing and assembling watches in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the owner of Cincinnati Watch Repair, an independent watch service center meeting the needs of the microbrand and collector communities.

IG: @jpficklin

His content archive can be viewed here.


Jason Pitsch is the Founder of Professional Watches. He appreciates good design and engineering in everything from architecture to automobiles to cameras to clothing. Yet his focus for the past decade has remained consistent on covering just one type of craftsmanship: watchmaking.

IG: @professionalwatches