Following the Adagio, Soprano, and Maestroso – Christophe Claret recently unveiled their latest musical timepiece, the Allegro. Featuring the same Charles X Style bridges (three skeletonized bridges surrounding the balance) as seen on the Soprano and Maestroso, the Allegro movement utilizes a new in-house escapement. Further, the regulator controlling the timing of the chimes is now a quieter inertia type, and Allegro’s mostly titanium case offers excellent acoustic tones and volume.

Functionally, the Allegro has a minute repeater with Cathedral gongs, GMT, big date, small seconds and day/night indicator. Visually, the case measures 45 mm in diameter by 14 mm thick and comes in titanium with either red or white gold accents.

A smoked sapphire dial reveals the striking mechanism, which consists of extra-long Cathedral gongs that produce a deeper sound that traditional gongs, a design that has been patented. Uniquely, the repeater gongs are powered by the same mainspring barrel that drives the escapement and going train, as opposed to a two barrel configuration. Power reserve is 60-hours. And the date and GMT functions are controlled by pushers, and the former is the subject of a patent. A third patent was issued for the fine adjustment mechanism for the balance wheel.

Power reserve is 60-hours. Water-resistance is 30 meters. Comes with black leather strap with anthracite threading. Each version is limited to 20 pieces and will retail for approximately $250,000.

Final Thoughts

We have been covering Christophe Claret for many years, as you can see HERE, and of all the innovations introduced, this timepiece may be the best yet. The aesthetics, with the smoked sapphire dial and exquisite haute horology finishing, combined with awesome technical aspects – result in a timepiece that looks and functions, like nothing else out there. Which should be expected when you are paying a cool quarter-mil.

Jason Pitsch
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