The Breitling Emergency is an instrument wristwatch designed for professionals, to aid in emergency situations by sending out a dual-frequency signal (121.5 MHz and 406 MHz) distress signal and acting as a beacon to aid in search and rescue in any number of emergency scenarios where being located could mean the difference between life and death.

The technology uses a miniaturized radio transmitter – including an antenna that can be extended out of the large crown located on the bottom right lug of the case – to increase the range of the homing beacon. The Personal Locator Beacon works with the International Cospas-Sarsat satellite system and can both trigger alerts and guide search and rescue operations.

The Breitling Emergency Night Mission is powered by a Breitling SuperQuartz chronograph movement, which is ten times more accurate than standard quartz.

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And now, there are three special editions of the Emergency that come in matte black titanium cases, with orange accents, yellow accents, or a blue mother-of-pearl dial.

The case measures 51 mm in diameter. Water-resistance is 500 meters. Each version comes with a rubber strap.

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