AP Grand Sonnerie, with temporary wax protection around bezel, in for service/repair.

In 2009, we visit Audemars Piguet manufacture in Le Brassus, Switzerland to visit their factory, service department and museum. Below is a are some photo highlights from the trip.

Gold watch hands ready to go to quality control and finishing departments

Drill bits for milling watch hands in-house

Royal Oak Offshore caseback CNC stamping machine

Finished Royal Oak Offshore casebacks

Metal rods for watch cases and bezels

Gold shavings that are left behind after machine milling process

Audemars Piguet maintains a digital archive of all watches sold

Grand Complication pocket watch in for service/repair

Audemars Piguet PR Director and master watchmaker

Fireproof safe with old watch parts and unfinished calibres

Case middles, bezels, rotors and other CNC machine fabricated parts

Audemars Piguet antique watchmaking lathe

Box with pocket watch parts dating back to 1898

Watchmaking repair/service/adjustment tools

Movements need to be protected from dust, from clean rooms with air filtration, to basic glass covers like this

Minute repeater in for service/repair

Audemars Piguet After-Sales Watchmaking Department

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