In addition to the new Apple TV, the iPad PRO and the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus announcements – yesterday Apple unveiled the Hermes Watch, alongside a new release of the watch operating system watchOS 2. Further, they announced that iOS 9 will be available for download Sept 16.

The Hermes Watch adds a nice twist to the Apple Watch saga, with a variety of new high-end leather strap options made from distinctive Hermes leather. And the updated watch operating will surely make the Apple Watch experience a little bit better for current and future Apple Watch owners. But it is the latter announcement, specifically that iOS 9 will be available next week that excited the most yesterday during the Apple keynote. Why? has been selected as one of the “indie” publications who will be featured in Apple’s all-new built-in iOS 9 “News” app at launch. The app will pull articles from top publications such as the New York Times, right alongside publications like ours.

There have been a number of apps in the watch world that purportedly curate the best sources of watch news into one app. However, when there are so many obvious conflicts of interest going on, the results become anything but curated. Now, Apple is stepping in and doing things the right way, without bias. And now, you will be able to follow us, and your other favorite sites – all in one app.

Download Apple iOS 9 starting Sept 16.

Jason Pitsch
Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason Pitsch is the Founder of Professional Watches. He appreciates good design and engineering in everything from architecture to automobiles to cameras to clothing. Yet his focus for the past decade has remained consistent on covering just one type of craftsmanship: watchmaking.