Professional Watches is a New York City-based digital magazine for watch collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning more about wristwatches.

The website features beautiful imagery, stylish typography, and a full bleed cover just like a glossy magazine. Every page has original commentary and there are a variety of categories such as news, style, and reviews.

In addition to daily content, the site features reference pages – such as a comprehensive watch glossarycaliber guide, and watch buying guide – designed to help you make well-informed buying decisions.



Editor – Jason Pitsch manages content production, UX design, and partnerships.

Contributing Editor – Dr. Brett Kastin focuses on feature reviews and Instagram development.


Editorial Policy

It is our editorial policy to cover products we like, and that we think are relevant to our readers. We are not a retailer nor do we receive any commission based on the sales of products we cover editorially.


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Please email us with any questions, suggestions, corrections, comments, or inquiries.